10 reasons why Kiwis choose to have Nannies Abroad on their side

Realising that there is a genuine need for Kiwis looking at Au Pairing or Nannying in a different country to have support from NZ & their destined country, Nannies Abroad was created to be that safety net for Kiwis.

1. The security of knowing that you are going to a safe & screened family. Families who sign up to agencies get to have the reassurance that their Au Pair or Nanny has also been screened – so it works both ways!

2. We help you organise everything – visa, insurance & flight assistance are all included as part of our programmes.

3. If your time is coming to an end at your current placement, you can get in touch with us & we can easily get you set up with somewhere new if you’re not quite ready to come back to NZ yet!

4. They are a designated visa sponsor for the J1 Au Pair visa in New Zealand required to enter the USA – so you can’t actually go on that particular programme without us on your side.

5. You get to interview with as many families as it takes until you find the right one for you – you don’t just apply & are told where you are going. It needs to be a mutual decision between you & the family that it’s the right placement.

6. Friends! – You’ll be networked with the other au pairs & nannies in your area. Often there will be social events created for you to attend so you can meet loads of other au pairs in your area. Plus we have Facebook groups which you can join prior to your departure to see who is in your area already & to ask for any advice before you depart.

7. Rematching & local support – Should there happen to be any issues with your placement, you can go to your local support who can mediate any issues otherwise find you a new placement.

8. We have interviewers all across NZ! We’ve heard some concerning stories about Kiwis being signed up over the phone to other agencies & then told after paying a large non-refundable deposit & after that, being told that they then need to fund a flight to Australia in order to do their interview.

9. Placement guarantees – if you sign up to a programme, we will get you placed. If we are not confident or you are not eligible, your deposit* is refunded.

10. For those doing Au Pair in America – you don’t even have to do a deposit! Programme fees aren’t actually due until after placement with a family that you are happy with.