What other Kiwis think about the Au Pair in America Programme.

We have received a lot of testimonials from Kiwis in America on the Au Pair in America programme.
Here’s what a few have to say…

This is my second time as an Au Pair, my first experience was in Canada. Both countries are so different in terms of culture even though they are so close to each other. I’ve loved every minute here in Colorado Springs and it has so many things to offer that are different but also similar to back home – one being the mountains! My host family are awesome and I’ll be staying with them for a little extra time because of COVID, but I wouldn’t trade in my experience this year for anything. I have learned so many things about myself and the culture in America. As my time comes to an end as Au Pair, I plan for the future, holding my experiences and lessons close to my heart.

After being put into rematch I was SO lucky to find a beautiful family the town over from where I was living as I love Massachusetts and wanted to stay near Boston. Now I have two children aged 3 and 5 and I love it here. Ive been with my new family for four days now and I’m so so so glad I’m out of my last situation. Don’t be scared of the thought of rematch, sometimes it’s for the better and you will be much happier!

Last year I was sitting in the first day of orientation – I have had an amazing year and now have another one to look forward to, as I have extended. It is honestly one of the best things I have done – so if you have not done your application – just do it!!!

Hi everyone. I’ve been working as an au pair for the last 16 months – I did the firts nine in Chicago and then moved with my Host Family to San Diego. I’ll be here until July and I’m currntly writing a blog about my exprience. If anyone has any questions about being an au pair or living in America – feel free

I lived in the ‘burbs in Virginia and felt as safe as I ever have, even safer than small town NZ! Obviously you need to be a bit more cautious in the cities but no more than anywhere else. Not wanting your child to go because you worry about their safety is understandable but what they have to gain far outweighs any perceived risks

I am in New Rochelle – NY and I am loving it. I am going into my second week with my family and it is like I have been here for 2 years

I did two nearly two years in DC /VA. It’s my second home and will always love that state! You will experience so much amazingness. Have fun 🙂

I lived in San Francisco and it was the best time of my life. I was never scared or afraid when I was out. People are sooooo friendly and kind! You have to remember what a big place it is and how many people are there. That’s why it seems like they have more incidences but if you looked at a percentage NZ would be up there!

I was so anxious before I came over because of what was happening. I was terrified. I cried to my mum saying am I making the wrong decision? As soon as I got here – I haven’t worried once!! The USA is sooooo big. Bigger than you can imagine. There are bad people everywhere in the world and you will be with a great family in a great neighborhood. I have had the year of my life! Don’t let yourself be fearful!!