No Teaching Jobs In New Zealand?

Try America!

Are you completely sick of trying to find a teaching job in New Zealand?

You studied hard now you and all your graduating class can’t find work? We might have the perfect solution for you.

There is no doubt the recession is hitting NZ. There just are not the jobs out there for graduates like there used to be.

It could be another couple of years before anything changes.

Perfect time to do your O.E. Right?

But it’s so expensive with flights and then finding work?

Well – YES – but – there is another less expensive option – spending a year in America looking after children and getting paid $US per week plus all your food and accommodation.

Childcare Jobs in America

Au Pair in America with Mickey Mouse

Why this is a brillant idea!

  • We’ll pre-place you in a screened job – and sponsor your 12-24 month visa  – it’s all legal and approved by the US State Dept.
  • No application fee – so no risk in applying – we place every successful applicant and have done so since 1994.
  • Discounted Return Flights – we heavily subsidise your flights
  • Discounted US Medical Insurance & Travel Insurance for 12-24 months
  • A supportive environment once placed – a minimum of 8 other nannies/au pairs in your area
  • Families all over the USA (except for the middle of the desert!)
  • You choose your family (after Skype Introductions and chatting on the phone)
  • We help you get your visa from NZ
  • We arrange your flights
  • You stay in a fab Orientation Hotel for 3 days on arrival into America to settle in and attend Orientation – all to make you feel settled on this amazing new adventure
  • We provide airport pick up and transfer to the Orientation Hotel
  • We connect you  with other NZ au pairs already in the States even before you leave
  • Continued Support while in America
  • 30 days grace after your visa ends to travel around America
  • Discounts on Trek America Tours
  • You can study at a local college or University anything you like – subjects include academic things as well as touring the Grand Canyon.
  • Au Pair in America has been around since 1987 so we are very experienced. Nannies Abroad have been sending Kiwis legally to America on this program since 1994 – so we know what we are doing – and have so many New Zealanders in America having an amazing GAP year overseas.

This is a very cool option – you get paid, and your flights are discounted – what’s better than that?