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Au Pair in Chile
Spend 3-12 months living with a screened host family and help care for their children while you experience living and working in Chile, experience the culture, learn the language and make friends who are locals and not tourists.
The Au Pair Program gives you the chance to live with a family with children and experience the Latin American way of life first-hand as you’re going to be an active part of society.
  • Leave your kiwi life behind for a while and try something new.
  • You’ll be able to develop your self-confidence and become more independent while meeting friends for life and making unforgettable experiences.
  • What’s more, the pocket money will enable you to save up a little that can help you explore Chile in your time off or at the end of the Au Pair Program.
  • Chile has so much to offer for travelers, be it the driest desert on earth in the far north of the country, endless beaches and lush national parks in the center or perpetual ice and trees over 100 years old in Patagonia, in the south of Chile.
  • The capital city, Santiago, has developed over recent years into a real Latin American hotspot with a population of nearly 7 million. The vast inner-city parks, colonial architecture, numerous museums, award-winning vineyards and buzzing nightlife add to the sheer boundless versatility of this thriving metropolis.
We place you in one of the many Chilean families that look for Au Pairs from NZ, because we speak English. These families are spread all over the country; however most of them live in Greater Santiago. As an Au Pair you look after the children and help your host family with light household work. Frequently, foreign languages play a big part in our host families as they raise their kids bilingually.
All families are selected individually and after careful consideration by our partners. They visit the home and interview the family carefully.
Your responsibilities include:
  • taking the children to nursery or school
  • playing, singing, doing handicraft etc. with the children
  • helping with homework
  • going for walks with the children
  • keeping the home and kitchen tidy and clean
  • preparing breakfast for the children
  • doing laundry and watering flowers/plants
Pocket Money
The amount of pocket money differs from family to family; it’s usually between 150,000 and 200,000 Chilean pesos (CLP) per month which goes a long way in Chile (unlike home).
Minimum commitment
We require you to commit 3 months as minimum duration for your Au Pair stay so that you can get to know the new country, its culture and above all the family and the children. Your stay can extend to a maximum of 12 months. The longer your stay abroad lasts, the more valuable your experience will become, of course.
Before finalising the placement you will of course have the opportunity to get to know the family personally through phone calls, skype and letters/e-mails and ask any questions you may have in advance.
You will live under the same roof with your host family. You will, of course, have your own room to which you can go to in your free time if you want to. The host family will also provide meals. During your time as their au pair you will be another member of the family so that you will be integrated into family life and expected to muck in around the house as well. This is a unique opportunity to broaden both your cultural knowledge and Spanish language proficiency.
As a member of the family, the same rules apply to you as to the other family members. You must adhere to them! With a generous dose of mutual respect, you’ll have a wonderful time within a family and gain fascinating insights into your adopted country.
Which age groups and how many children can be looked after?
Anything is possible from very young toddlers and up to young teenagers, and the family usually have up to three children. Most families looking for an Au Pair have more than one child or baby. Your chance of finding a suitable host family is much higher if you’re happy to look after babies and toddlers, too.
What happens after the application?
Please note that for a successful application we need the following documentation from you (you can supply them while we are selecting a suitable family for you):
How long will it take to find a family?
The placement process usually takes between 6 to 12 weeks to complete. During this time, we keep in touch with you, of course. As soon as a suitable family has been found, we send you their contact info so you can get to know each other. When both sides are confident that they will get along well, we start the placement procedure and send you the Au Pair and placement contract.
When do I pay the program fee??
You only pay the rest of the programme fees once you want to confirm the Au Pair placement that we find for you.
Do I get to know the family in advance?
You’ll have the opportunity to get to know the family personally via skype and/or e-mails so that both sides can be sure they’ll get along.
Are Au Pairs expected to cook and clean for the family?
No, an Au Pair is not services staff, but primarily responsible for childcare. Light household work such as vacuum-cleaning, ironing or preparing simple meals can be part of your secondary tasks.
How proficient do I need to be in Spanish?
Depending on the family, good Spanish language skills are beneficial. Should your language skills need improvement, let us know and we’re happy to book a suitable language course in Chile in addition to your program.
How do I prove my language skills??
Are there age limits in place for Au Pairs?
The minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age. Most participants are between 18 and 25 years old.
I don’t have any childcare references. Can I still apply?
Definitely! There are always families who are happy to accept an Au Pair without experience. References and experience makes the placement easier, of course.