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Can I apply to be a nanny in England?
If you have a nanny or teaching qualification you will receive more money in relation to the length and caliber of your course.
The more solid experience and references you have, the higher your pay will be.
Salaries for Nannies, Mothers Helps and Au Pairs are between £120 to £400+ per week for a live in job, depending on hours and duties. It also depends on your experience level and your qualifications, if any.
For those without much full time nanny experience or a qualification, babysitting experience counts, as there are loads of Mothers Help Positions where the mother is at home a lot of the time.
You should still have a love for children and a genuine interest in caring for them. Aim to have around 200 hours experience.
It’s not mandatory to hold a full drivers licence (unlike the USA). However it is preferred, especially if you can drive a manual.
*just as long as you’re flying direct to the UK and not touring the world beforehand
Application forms
If you have a genuine love for children, have some experience and get references, then you can apply. You must also be enthusiastic, flexible and get on well with people.
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“Hi Vicki Was just thinking about emailing you the other day 🙂 I am very settled in now, I feel very much at home. The family are amazing, especially the parents, they have welcomed me and made sure that I have been happy! I am getting along with the children a lot better than at the start. The parents have told me often that the kids really like me, so that is a positive sign :). I couldn’t have asked for a better family!
~ Amy Deed