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Nanny or Au Pair In Canada
Kiwis are so lucky to have access to the 12 month working holiday visa for Canada – and what better way to start or finish your O.E. than as a nanny or Au Pair in Canada?


The Jobs
Most families that employ a New Zealand Nanny or Au Pair in Canada are looking for someone that is organised, outgoing and independant. If they are looking for a nanny they are also looking for someone with a solid educational background in childcare, to provide their children with a caring, safe and stimulating environment.
Nanny roles usually mean both parents are working full time, so you will be in sole charge of the children and in the running of the home. Your work week will be Monday to Friday, from approximately 7.30am to 5.30pm each day. This allows the parents time to get to work, put in an eight hour day and return home. You will be entitled to two weeks off per year and all statutory holidays.
Your child care duties will always come first, and they generally consist of helping the children clean up after themselves, doing their laundry, preparing them for school and driving them there, providing creative play experiences such as arts and crafts and helping them do their homework if necessary.
As an Au Pair (Mothers Help) your hours may be less as often the mother will only work part-time or be home most of the time as well. The pay rate for both positions are the same.
Can I apply?
To apply you need to be eligible for the Canada working holiday visa – aged 18-30, no dependents, no convictions, a clean driving record, and have funds to support yourself in Canada. You should have at least 200 hours of practical childcare experience, and or a qualification in ECE or Childcare.
Salary & Length of contracts
    Nannies and Au Pairs in Canada are paid minimum wage and work full-time between 40 and 45 hours per week. Room and board are deducted; wages, working hours and room and board vary depending on the province. In British Columbia the minimum wage is $10.25 per hour and a work week has 40 hours. Room and board can be deducted up to $430 per month, which comes to a monthly wage (if you deduct Canada Pension, Employment Insurance and Income Tax) of about $1200CAD per month net.
    This salary is the net amount after all taxes, room and board have been taken out. Taxes deducted are Canadian Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Income Tax.
    You are provided with a private room. On the Working Holiday Visa you will need to pay for your return flights. Most families would like a nanny or au pair to stay for a minimum of 9-12 months for obvious reasons.
    You will be provided with your own private bedroom, generally with your own bathroom and sometimes with some cooking facilities.
    Your room/suite will be furnished and in most cases you will be provided with extras like a TV, stereo or microwave.
    Quite often the nanny’s bedroom is in a part of the house which is quite private, and separate from the rest of the family rooms.
    Most positions would involve driving, and your family may also have use of a car for private use.
Off Hours
You are free to do as you please in your off time, and a lot of the time the family may let you borrow the car on a mutual agreement.
Living Costs
The great thing about living in with a family is that you have hardly any living costs. Your room and board is already deducted from your wage (no more than $430CAD per month) – to live in a flat in the same area would cost about $1500CAD. For a 45 hour week with all deductions made including room and board and medical insurance, you would receive a net wage of $1200CAD per month.
While you do have taxes deducted from your gross pay – you will most likely get most of that refunded at the end of your year. See our Tax Back Page for more details and information on getting your tax refund done online.
Completion Bonus
You’ll also get a Completion Bonus at the end of your stay. The 9 month Completion Bonus is $350CAD and the 12 month Completion Bonus is $600CAD.
Free Time
You are free to do as you please in your free time (off hours), and a lot of the time the family may let you borrow the car on a mutual agreement. The pocket money you get per month is more than enough to spend weekends away, spend time with friends at coffee shops or the movies, and to do all the touristy things. Don’t forget Canada has some of the best Ski Fields in the world.
How To Apply
You must complete our application form and attend an interview. We have interviews based throughout NZ and your nearest one will contact you after we have received your application in full.
With the application you will need to include
For complete details on what is required please see the Checklist for Application supplied with the application form.
*For best results please use Adobe Reader to complete the PDF form on your device or computer.
How it works after application
We forward your CV and personal profile to Canada and you are then matched to some families. A family calls you and when you are both happy, we will send you confirmation and get started on your visa and flights. You must then have a full medical as part of your visa, because you’ll be caring for children in Canada.
The friendly staff at our Canadian partner office will always be available once you are in your position to help with advice and any questions you may have. Canada is a wonderful place to work and live, and a lot like NZ.
Please note that with the Canadian 2 year Working Holiday visa – there are limited numbers available each October.
***For those of you not a fully qualified nanny, or wanting some extra knowledge to help you in your job, before you leave NZ, we have a child care course that can be taken by correspondence through HATNZ. Please phone Clare Halliburton on 03 332-6796 for full details. Or go to
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