cindy au pair in America

Cindy’s Au pair Experience!

My name is Cindy and I am currently living in Severna Park, Maryland. I decided to leave beautiful New Zealand for a 1 year Au pair experience in amazing America.

I chose to become an Au Pair because the program provided me with an opportunity to do everything I love doing. My favourite part about being an Au Pair is personal growth. In many instances, I was forced to hop out of my comfort zone which has only had a beneficial impact on my life.

Meeting the Wedlakes (my host family) for the first time was scary yet exciting at the same time. I shouldn’t have been scared at all though, they were extremely welcoming and accommodating as I settled into my new home. I care for 4 sweet and energetic children, who have taught me just as much as I have taught them.

Au Pair in America is such a great program! I have made many friends from all around the world, I’ve become part of an amazing family and better yet, been able to experience “The Great America”. Throughout my year, I have felt safe and always had my Au Pair friends to fall back on knowing that we’re all in this together and if you’re going through something, the chances are other au pairs are or have felt exactly the same!

Just an FYI…The Shopping is AMAZING!!! Im also 100% sure I’m going home with a few extra Kgs around the waist… THE FOOD IS EVERYTHING AND MORE!!!