Ready for your big OE? Welcome to Nannies Abroad
Getting to America
We take care of your travel arrangements to and from America.
You will fly on a pre-arranged flight to New York where you will attend the Orientation in New York. We offer flights every month of the year so you can plan your departure around your current commitments such as Uni etc.
At the end of your year in America, flights will either be arranged back to your departure city or on to London (from NY). If you do not choose the flight to London at the end of your year, you must return to the city you departed from e.g. Auckland.
Departure City
You will fly out from Auckland International Airport and we book your flight for you. The cost of your return airfares is part of your all inclusive application fee so all you need to worry about is making sure your passport is up to date.
A popular choice for New Zealanders is the free flight option to London from NY instead of coming home.
Once you have completed your year in America you can choose to come home on your return airfare or fly from New York to London for free – where we can arrange a UK Nanny job for you.

“I’ve now been here in Michigan for 7 and a 1/2 weeks and I am enjoying every minute. I have been living with a great family (the Zelch’s) in a huge house/Mansion and you would not believe the stuff that they have just for their children alone! Like, portable DVD players for the two oldest and an unlimited supply of video’s and DVD’s, enough toys to fill a small toy store and OH MY GOD the clothes that are brought for the children are all named clothes like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiner (even the baby has the named clothes and he’s only 5 months old!!!)” Erika.