Hi I’m Briar and I have just recently finished my year in America as an Au Pair.

I lived in Columbus, Indiana, and although in America, it’s not a big touristy state. I absolutely loved my time there! I loved being able to experience the real day to day life and culture of Americans.


A week or so before my family had contacted me, I had said to my mum “If I don’t get a family in the next week, I’m not going.” Luckily enough, I matched with my family, because it was the best year of my life – I don’t regret a thing.

Now knowing how great my year was, I would’ve kicked myself if I hadn’t gone!

To start with the kids did test a few boundaries, but they’re kids, and in the end I had a great bond with both kids.

I lived with an American family, with two kids, a now 9 year old girl, and now 5 year old boy. My host mother was an ER doctor, so she would work rotating shifts. My host dad was a cameras man, so he also worked strange hours. They were a very loving family and made me feel like part of the family. I got along with both parents very well which made the experience so much better. Even though I am now back home, I still keep in contact and up to date with what they’re all doing.


As my host dad was a cameras man and would cover sporting events, one being the Indy 500- which happened to be on my birthday that year. He got me free tickets! I’m not a big car racing fan, but that was awesome!

My host parents would work strange hours, therefore I would too.

My day would go something like this:

My oldest would go to school from 8:15-3:15 five days a week, with an after school activity each day- either ice skating, dance, drama, brownies or fitness.

The youngest would go to school four days a week 8:30-11. I would make the oldest lunch, take them to school, have between 8:30-11 to myself.

In this time I would usually go to the gym- which was amazing! It was two stories, with a basketball court a lap pool, kids pool with hydro slides, and a huge workout area.

Then I would pick the youngest up from school take him home for lunch and then he would have a nap. Once he had woken up we would go to school to pick up his sister and take her to an after school activity and then home to do homework, a bit of free time, have dinner, baths, and bed.

I wouldn’t work a whole day, but I would work part of the day, depending on when my host mother worked.

I was very fortunate to travel quite a bit.

My family had taken me to Florida to go to the beach, where we stayed in an apartment right on the beach- quite literally. And back to Florida to DISNEY WORLD for two weeks! It was amazing, and I was so lucky to go with them. We had also made weekend trips to Chicago and a few other places.


My family was always very accommodating and would help me organise vacations with friends. I was lucky enough to go to Miami, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, New York for New Years Eve- definitely recommend, Chicago, Nashville, and did so many exciting activities in each place. If you’re looking at travelling, do it! It’s always worth it.


A few months in, my parents ventured over and visited me for a week and then we travelled to Vegas for another week. It was so great to see them and for them to experience my American life. They were so great with my host kids, that now they call them “Mom” and “Dad”.

There would be several times I was in my room skyping back home, my youngest would open my door, walk in saying “I thought I heard mom and dad” and join in on the Skype. I was apart of their family, they were apart of mine.

I am so grateful for the year that I had.


I definitely recommend the Au Pair In America programme to anyone who has a great passion for kids, loves to travel, experience new cultures and make new friends.



I have come out with so many great experiences and memories, friends all over the world, and a second family.

Guest blog: by Briar Pearce