Ready for your big OE? Welcome to Nannies Abroad
What do I need to apply?
Please send the Criminal Record Form to us while you are completing your application because it can take 4 weeks.
  • 2 good references which we can check (no friends or family) – at least one should be childcare related, and one character. Please feel free to provide more.
  • A Dear Family letter written in Italian if possible, introducing yourself to your prospective family. Include details about your life so far, your family and your experience, and what you want from this experience. At least 400 words – more if possible.
  • 1 passport photo and one recent full length photo of you. If you would like to add some of you with children this will help your application.
  • A medical certificate stating you are fit to travel and work overseas. This should include any known medical conditions.
  • If possible please translate your entire application into Italian – or have it translated. Please use black ink so it can be scanned easily.
You must:
  • Have a valid passport (not necessary for EU citizens with an ID Card) and visa.
  • pay all travel fares, the cost of any registration with the Police, and any language course fees.
  • Stay for the agreed time. This is extremely important as the family will be relying on their Au Pair for the above duties. If the Au Pair has to go home early at least two weeks notice must be given to the family.
  • The Au Pair must have a responsible attitude and commitment towards the family and treat the family’s home and possessions with respect. For example you are expected to ask what the family’s requirement are regarding using the telephone, having friends to the house etc.
  • be single with no dependants
The family must:
  • provide the Au Pair with their own bedroom and make all the facilities of the home available
  • provide all meals and pay the pocket money
  • treat the Au Pair as a member of the family and let them participate in family outings if they so wish.
  • ensure the Au Pair has sufficient free time to attend Italian classes and help the Au Pair find such classes which are normally available in all towns.
  • give two weeks notice to the Au Pair to terminate the placement

Please apply a minimum of three months before you would like to fly.

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