An Au Pair is needed for family of 3 (one 2 year old child) in Seattle, WA

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Darren (father) – used to work as a guide for a local travel company called Evergreen Escapes but when Connor turned 1, he has to stay at home. Currently, he and his friends are planning to start a business that will offer backpacking tours along the Northern East Coast. That being said, if everything goes according to their plan, he will be working from home.

Colleen (mother) – has worked for Amazon for several years now, since her mid-twenties. Their downtown campus is located right in the city centre of Seattle, which allows her to leave fairly late in the morning (around 8 am), and to be back home by 6 pm in the evening.

Speedy G. (son) 2 years old named Connor, was given a nickname Speedy G (Gonzales) as he does not run out of energy!

You would be their first au pair. They live in Seattle they live in the general Laurelhurst area: one of the safest neighbourhoods that you’ll find on the shore of Lake Washington. It is also a short 10-minute bike ride, or alternatively a 30-minute walk way to the University Village of Washington University. This might come in handy if you want to get a feeling for what it’s really like to live and study on a college campus.

Note that you wouldn’t have your own car here – but this shouldn’t be an issue, since the public transport system is among the best ones of the whole country. Getting to and around Seattle is really easy, no matter if you’re planning on making your way downtown, or up to the Green Lake Park area instead, which is Seattle’s most beautiful park in my opinion, and a great place to go with Connor or even by yourself when you’re off!



early morning – Darren likes to go for a run but will be back by the time Colleen leaves for work
8:00 AM – Colleen leaves for work, Connor also wakes up usually by this time. You will have pretty much the whole day with Connor since he isn’t in Pre-K yet.

Connor is VERY active, so we suggest for you to try and do something fun with him every single day. Darren likes to bring him on hikes, they’ve tried baby swimming, or play dates with other kids in the neighborhood, things like that. One of the many things that is so amazing about him is that he is really easy to please and he’s at an age where he seems to be fascinated by anything and everything, so you can’t go wrong, really.

On some days, both of you or with Darren, can swing by Colleen’s office during her lunch break, just because it is so close by. She loves that! Both parents are healthy eaters, Colleen and Darren are vegetarians. They let Connor have meat though, so that he can decide for himself at a later point in his life what diet he thinks works best for him – so please don’t worry, you can eat and cook whatever you want and need there! Your schedule would be pretty flexible, meaning that the two of you (Darren) would need to basically come up with a new routine that would work for both of you! With you being there to look after Connor, he will have more time to work on his start-up idea.

Colleen and Darren both have family in other countries, but unfortunately they have never learned another language other than English. Which they mentioned, they regret! For them, it would be great to be able to match with someone who would be interested in sharing their native language and culture with their son, and the rest of the family of course! On a related note: Colleen’s family lives in the surrounding Seattle area, but most of Darren’s family lives in Vancouver, which is like a 2 and a half hour drive from here. Naturally, you’re more than welcome to join us whenever they are hitting the road to go see their family up North!



You will have your own room that you will have completely to yourself, and that you’re welcome to invite your friends to.

And one last thing: They are currently looking into getting a puppy, we hope sharing the apartment with a fluff ball won’t be a problem for you.

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