Loving life in the Nations Capital!

I’m Lauran and I’ve been an Au Pair in America for over 9 months now, I live in Washington D.C and I absolutely love this beautiful city!

Lauran-Brown-Au Pair in America

I have made so many new friends, travelled to new places, been part of an amazing family and loved experiencing the culture of this remarkable place.
I live with a British/American family with two boys 2 & 4. They are such a lovely family who really make me feel part of their family, the Dad is from England which is really cool as we relate on many things!

My host mum is the nicest person and all my friends love coming to our house as my host parents are so kind and welcoming. The two boys are full-on balls of energy at all times! The four year old is in pre school from 9-3 so I spend most of the day with the 2 year old.

We usually go to an activity in the morning like a play date, story time, the zoo, playground or gymboree. Then we head home for lunch and nap time, after which we go to school pick up and spend the afternoon playing at the park or at home before I make them dinner and their parents come home.

Kiwi Au Pairs

I am so privileged to be a part of this amazing family and I know that even when my year is over we will continue to be in contact and I will be able to see the boys grow up and know I was a part of their early development.

I’m so lucky to live in D.C it is such a beautiful city, not too big but at the same time busy and filled with sites to see, and things to do! The monuments and museums are a big part of what makes Washington D.C such a nice city, I love going down to the National Mall and walking around the museums and monuments, they are so mesmerising and the History that they represent is quite astounding, especially for a kiwi as we don’t have anything like this at home!

As it’s the Capital the government runs a lot of the city, which is pretty great as it means a lot of the attractions are free!

I studied an online American Studies course through UCLA in the winter which was great and I learnt so much about this Country’s History which made me realise how much more special it was that I got to spend a year in the Nations Capital where so much of this History is memorialized.

I have made so many great friends from all around the world and I know I have made lifelong friends that I look forward to visiting in their home countries one day soon.

The Au Pair in America Program is great at preparing you and welcoming you to your new home. You can talk to au pairs in your cluster before you even arrive and everyone is so welcoming to the new arrivals, which makes it so much easier to settle into your life in America.

I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit too. I went with my host family to Boston for Thanksgiving and headed to London for Christmas to visit friends. My fellow kiwi au pair friend and I took a trip to Miami and a cruise around the Bahamas in April.

I was also so lucky my parents came over for a 3 week visit last month. We had a long weekend in New York City seeing the sites and going to a couple of Broadway shows. Then they came to D.C and it was great to show them my life here, meet my host family and friends. We then headed off for a weeks holiday to Las Vegas and San Francisco which was great to see new places.

I am currently planning my travel month at the moment with my brother coming over from NZ to travel with me to Hawaii, LA and Chicago for the All Blacks game .

Lauran and Boys Au Pair in America with NZ flag
I am also doing a two week Contiki from LA to New Orleans travelling through 12 of the Southern States. Travel has always been a passion of mine and I’m so happy I get to travel and see so much of the Country while being here.

I highly recommend the Au Pair in America program to anyone who has a passion for children, an interest in American culture and wants to travel and make new friends. The support you receive from the agency is awesome, and you will never feel alone while you are here.

I have done so much, seen so many sites and meet so many great people that I am sure I will look back on my time here and wish I could do it all over again.

~Lauran Brown

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