My Never Ending Au Pair Journey

I remember the first time I learnt about what an Au Pair was, was when I was sixteen, I already loved children and knew it was something I wanted to do!

Unfortunately, I was too young at the time to apply so had to wait.
When I was eighteen I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and knew university wasn’t the right step for me yet. My parents suggested looking into the Au Pair program again since I had been so eager 2 years earlier.


This girl is one of my favourite people on the planet, Tina!

I applied right away and had a great experience with Nannies Abroad helping with my application and interview process. I remember being contacted by the very first family, I was so excited I woke my parents up at 2am to yell at them about it! After talking with a few families I finally matched with a great family in Maryland. I lived with this family in Maryland (a very small town, if you could call it that) and had lots of friends in the area that made it extra fun with trips to Baltimore and DC all the time.

A year went by and I decided to extend my Au Pair in America programme but to go explore another part of the US, leading me to match with a family in Chicago!

My friends and I road-tripped from Chicago to New Orleans, a 15 hour drive, for Mardi Gras.

This is one of the most fun places in America and definitely recommend going there.

I knew nothing of Chicago when I matched with my host family but they were so wonderful that I didn’t even care if I didn’t like the place. Little did I know I was going to fall madly in love with Chicago! It became my favourite city in the whole world. There’s always something to do and lots of fun to have. The winter can get rough but stick it out and the summers are worth it. Having the beach is also a plus!

I met my now great friend in Chicago named Tina who is from Germany. We lived 10 minutes from each other in Chicago and spent so much time together! I’ve since visited her in Germany and she came to London twice to visit me.

This is Rosie, Willow and Carl. These were three crazy fun kids that were my first family!

When my two years were over I was so incredibly sad to leave America, it had become my home and I was not ready to leave just yet.

The goodbyes were hard but I knew I would be back. I went home to New Zealand for 3 months before I left on another big adventure to London to also be a nanny for two years!

This is my second host family. We recently had all the Au Pair they had over the last 5 years together, me being there first one. I love these ladies so much, our girls are 17 and 15 now!

Fast Forward to 2018 and here I was, applying to be an Au Pair in America again! I knew I wanted to get back to Chicago and thankfully the Cluster Counselor I had the last time found me a family that my friend actually worked for so I knew they were great! So here I am, taking care of three wonderful girls who are Phoebe who is 8, Natalie who is 11 and Bridget is almost 13! I’m so happy I get to have this experience again in my most favourite city. I’ve just finished my first year and am now onto the second!

My current host family, these girls are the funniest kids on earth!

My advice if you want to become an Au Pair, just do it!
It’s the most amazing experience and there is so much to see and do here. Travel as much as you can, make lots of friends and enjoy the time you have with your host family while you can. Some days can be tough but the good things definitely outweigh the bad. You’ll make life long friends and for me at least, I now have three extra families I’m a part of.

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