Balancing Life as an Au Pair: Budgeting Tips!

Balancing Life as an Au Pair in America can be tricky. In this…
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Why AuPair was the best decision for my daughter’s gap year

My daughter came home from school one afternoon during her…
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I’m Marta, an Au Pair. Last year I started my Au Pair adventure…
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My Never Ending Au Pair Journey

I remember the first time I learnt about what an Au Pair was,…
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My au pair experience so far…

America has always been a place I have wanted to go since I was…
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Hunta Davies Au Pair in America Experience!

I made the decision to go on this trip when I googled Nannies…
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Putting an end to the ‘What’s Next?’ question

Coming to the end of my schooling years I had no clue what I was going to do with myself once school is finished.
A lot of my peers were going to study or were quite content with the idea of having a gap year at home, working and saving money. Although both of those options sounded very practical to me, they didn’t interest me all that much.
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Finding Happiness outside my comfort zone

I live in a town called Charlottesville in the state of Virginia. Never had I even heard of the name Charlottesville before my host family reached out to me! I had travelled to America twice before for vacation but never ventured out to the East Coast. So the entire concept was new and exciting for me!
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Why Being a Nanny is the Best Job in the World!

Being a nanny is one of the most fun jobs you can do! You get paid to be silly and play games!
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10 reasons why Kiwis choose to have Nannies Abroad on their side

Nannies Abroad has been around since 1993. It was started by a Kiwi who experienced what it was like to not have any backup or support.
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Why You Should Book With Nannies Abroad

Booking an overseas experience can be a complicated process, not with us! We make sure you are supported through the whole process and get the right experience for you.
Started in 1993 by Vicky Kenny, she has au paired in London and has a passion for travel, so she understands it from your prospective. She still owns and manages the business herself, with 23 years of experience, iwh is the longest running NZ owned international placement agency in NZ.
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Cindy’s Au pair Experience!

My name is Cindy and I am currently living in Severna Park, Maryland. I decided to leave beautiful New Zealand for a 1 year Au pair experience in amazing America.
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80 Au pairs in America Meet at Mount Rainier!

The au pair program fosters global understanding through educational and cultural exchange.
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Why One Year in the US Wasn’t Enough!

Kiwi Au Pair Nicole loved au-pairing in America so much, she…
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The Story of a Kiwi Au Pair who Rematched

This is Sarah's rematch story. We try to make sure you take your time to choose a family that you'll be happy with the first time round. But just incase it doesn't work out, here's a real life account from a Kiwi au pair. Rematching may be daunting but we have a 100% success rate.
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Why Did Georgia Choose Au Pair in America?

How to Select the Au Pair Agency that is right for you
Georgia shares her process of why she went with Nannies Abroad and Au Pair in America

One Year in The Big Apple!

I cannot believe I have lived in New York now for one whole YEAR! I remember the first few months of being here, it was very difficult; learning a new culture, living in someone else’s house, making new friends, going to a new church, living without my parents for the first time, the MANY coins (why America?!).
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Elea – Au Pair in Love with New York

Hi, I’m Elea and for the past 9 months I have been living in a small suburban town in New Jersey as an Au Pair in America. I have done so many amazing things, made heaps of new friends and have really gotten to experience life in America.

Katie loving it in Seattle.

Being an Au pair in the United States has changed my life in so many ways. I have been here in Seattle for 1year and 7 months now. I take care of a 11yr old boy, 8yr old girl and a 6yr old boy. When I first arrived here I was greeted by my host mother Sally with a lovely bunch of flowers and a warm smile. Yes at first everything is new and scary but you soon get used to everything.
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Kiwi Zeta and her time in USA as an Au Pair in America

Hey, my name is Zeta and I live in Olney, Maryland.
I look after two girls a 9 year old, and 7 years old who has Cerebral Palsy as part of my year with the Au Pair in America Program. I have been here for 10 months now and have enjoyed it all!