One Year in The Big Apple!

But it was also very exciting, living in a new place, living in NYC (hello best place in the world), going to Broadway shows, Brooklyn bridge, being a grown up, acting like I understood pounds at the gym (awkward), being told my accent was amazing in every store, learning American words, and always having something to do!

To this day people still have no idea what I am saying (I am speaking English and no I am not Spanish). I have had to learn how to spell my last name with an American accent and have actually had to learn a lot of words to say in an American accent, otherwise, it takes Americans a very, very long time to understand what I’m actually saying or this happens, ‘that was really rude Krystal’ and I will go, ‘what? how is ‘teddy bear’ a rude word.’ yes it is very funny sometimes!

I have made lifelong friends, they are the bees knees!! So happy to have them all in my life, you may know them as #Wolfpack. We have done some crazy stuff together that we will remember forever. One of my friends left today who I began this whole NYC journey with, which is so very sad and strange that she will no longer be here!

Also being a volunteer at church has just been amazing my team is the best, so supportive, caring and loving!

Highlights of my year..


Canada – going on a road trip with Wolfpack, one of my most favorite crazy weekends!

Krystal Flick on the Brooklyn Bridge


Global Citizen Festival (seeing Beyoncé live)

Americas got talent live auditions

This year has to be one of the most amazing years of my life! I love New York and am so happy that I took the risk of moving here a year a go. Can’t wait for what the last 6 months is going to bring and the opportunities that will come my way!

krystal xo

Krystal Liebezeit


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