Just as spring hits me and my friends hired bikes and rode around Central Park in NYC.© Nannies Abroad 2020

Hunta Davies Au Pair in America Experience!

I made the decision to go on this trip when I googled Nannies…
New York USA Au Pair© Nannies Abroad 2020

Putting an end to the ‘What’s Next?’ question

Coming to the end of my schooling years I had no clue what I was going to do with myself once school is finished.
A lot of my peers were going to study or were quite content with the idea of having a gap year at home, working and saving money. Although both of those options sounded very practical to me, they didn’t interest me all that much.

One Year in The Big Apple!

I cannot believe I have lived in New York now for one whole YEAR! I remember the first few months of being here, it was very difficult; learning a new culture, living in someone else’s house, making new friends, going to a new church, living without my parents for the first time, the MANY coins (why America?!).
Eleas-Year-as-an Au Pair in America Kiwi Elea© Nannies Abroad 2020

Elea – Au Pair in Love with New York

Hi, I’m Elea and for the past 9 months I have been living in a small suburban town in New Jersey as an Au Pair in America. I have done so many amazing things, made heaps of new friends and have really gotten to experience life in America.