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The Story of a Kiwi Au Pair who Rematched

When you apply with us, we encourage you to take your time when you are matching with the hundreds of families that would love to have a kiwi au pair. We know that this is your year and your experience too so we want you to get the most out of it!

We encourage you to make a checklist of things that are important to you (e.g. access to your own car is big one or having public transport nearby so it’s easy to explore on your time off), interview with multiple families, focus on the family rather than the location and know that if you do want to rematch, it is very possible to do so.
This is Sarah’s story who decide to rematch and how she went about it:

“There actually hasn’t been anything especially bad that has happened, it’s just that I have realised that the things that make me uncomfortable about my host family are not going to go away and that I should probably do something about it. Of course, this means I’ve been a wreck all week thinking about what I should do and say, wondering if I should try to rematch, wondering if I’m just being stupid about it all, and stressing about whether I’m going to upset the family.

Finally, today, I have reached out to my counsellor and let her know how I’m feeling, so I hope she has some good advice for me. On one hand, I’m hoping that she will advise me to try and find another family because I’m thinking that would be the best outcome. On the other hand, I’m very scared about the possibility of having to try and rematch as if I can’t find a new family I may have to go home, and I really really really don’t want to go home.
I have so many plans for this year and I definitely don’t want this to ruin my only chance to live in the US!

So I decided to let my host parents know how I was feeling about everything. It actually ended up just being a chat with the dad because the mum was busy struggling to get the kids to sleep. It was probably not the best moment but I was terrified and I’d finally talked myself up enough to do it so there was kind of no going back by then – and things are always crazy here so there probably wouldn’t have been a better time.
I’ve been practising what I would say for two straight days, I even rehearsed on a hike today, so I think I got everything outright. I was really careful to let him know that I wasn’t trying to judge them and I appreciate that they’ve been good to me, but also to be really clear that I don’t think we are a good match. He was pretty good about it but a bit dismissive, saying that they can probably do things better and he doesn’t think that anything I talked about is really a big deal.
We’ve decided to try and have a good, normal week, and we can see how we’re all feeling from there. I’m going to try and keep an open mind but i’m not really that optimistic.
Anyway, that wiped me out so I’m off to bed, hoping things won’t be awfully awkward in the morning.

The last week has been a bit awkward now that I’m in the rematch, but everything is pretty much the same with the kids at least. We did the usual things – storytime at the library and playdates. This week was their last week of gymnastics so they had a show and I do the class with the younger one so I got to have my big moment in the show too 😉
One day at the park I showed the kids how to make a volcano in the sand with vinegar and baking soda which they thought was awesome. There were a whole lot of other kids there that joined in too. It’s something I remember doing a lot as a kid but none of them had seen it before so it was really fun to show them something new.
Later today I have a Skype date with my 4th potential rematch family so hopefully, that goes well, it’s all pretty nerve-wracking but I’m hopeful!
I’ve been at my new home in Raleigh for just over a week now but it feels like it’s been a lot longer – in a good way!

My new host family are amazing so far and I’m so so happy to be here. North Carolina is such a friendly place, especially compared to (my experience of) Boston.

So far I’ve only met one out of 3 of my host kids as the older two are staying with their grandparents for some of the summer. The youngest is super sweet and very fiery, but we already get along really well. I got to talk to the older two on the phone the other night too which was so cute, I think the whole family is really lovely. They also have a sweet old black lab who reminds me of my dog at home.
Other than how nice everyone has been, there are also a lot of really great things about my situation here. Most excitingly, I get to drive here! I had missed driving so much, it was a little bit terrifying at first because at home we drive on the other side of the road, and the car I have here is a lot bigger than any I’ve ever driven, but I think I’ve picked it up pretty well!

They have a third car just for me so whenever I’m not with the kids I can take it wherever I like, it’s so nice to feel independent again.

Another awesome thing is my beautiful room. I get the top floor which has its own bathroom and enough space for a bedroom/mini lounge kind of setup, and they put a tv up there for me too.

I have also been so happily surprised by my cluster here too. My new counsellor is amazing, she actually had me stay at her place for the weekend and picked me up from the airport because my host family were away and she wanted me to be able to come to the cluster meeting they were having. I’m so glad I got to go to it because I met some really awesome girls straight away and I’ve been able to hang out with them a couple of times already. There is actually one girl in my new cluster who I knew from orientation which was such a cool surprise!

Independence Day was this past weekend, and to be honest I had not really been looking forward to it before I moved. I had a bit of a negative feeling about the people around me and the whole country at that point, but because I was here and feeling so much happier, I really got to get into the whole thing! I went into downtown Raleigh with some of the girls from my cluster, they had a whole main street of food stalls, live music stages, dance performances and, of course, amazing fireworks at the end of the night. There were hot dog and ice cream eating contests, all kinds of fried foods, and a lot of US pride, and it was really fun to be a part of it.

I already have so many things I’m looking forward to here, so happy I decided to trust myself and rematch!”

Rematching takes 2 weeks and we’ve had a 100% success rate from girls who have decided to do so. A massive thank you to Sarah for letting us share her story, we hope this will help future au pairs if they are thinking of rematching. She was very happy with her new family for the rest of her year as an au pair in America!