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The different UK jobs available to New Zealanders
There are two main jobs Kiwis can apply for in the UK, depending on your experience and/or qualifications.
Nanny – Sole charge
To be eligible for a sole charge nanny position you require either qualifications and practical experience, or some very solid child care full time experience, for example – a full-time nanny position. As a sole charge nanny, you would be responsible for the running of the household as well as the children. The parents would both work quite long days, but usually take over when they arrive home. These positions can be live-in or out, and the characteristics required are common sense, organisation and independence as well as confidence and maturity.
Nursery duties are comprised of cleaning up after the children, doing their laundry, school runs, supervising homework and bath-time. You would have to prepare basic and proper meals for the children and keep the house tidy. These duties are in addition to entertaining the children in the holidays, after school activities, dentist and doctor visits, grocery shopping for the whole family and buying and mending school uniforms and clothes etc. This type of position is very rewarding for the right person.
Likely salary would be £200 – 400 per week for a live-in position, more for a live-out position, depending on your experience and qualifications. To rent a room in London is worth at least £100 per week so it’s pretty good pay.
Mothers Help
This job is also rewarding for those on a working holiday who don’t have a lot of experience and no qualifications. The pay is still quite high, £120-200 per week live-in. Although the mother usually doesn’t work full-time she may have her own business or just be out a lot of the time, she may also just need a great helping hand around the place. The nanny in this case helps the Mum with whatever she does. It could be anything from taking them to school to staying in while one of them is asleep, and catching up on the ironing, You will find that the mother likes to include you in outings with the children, it gives her a chance to relax a little.
Usually these Mum’s have 2-3 children, and with both of you sharing the responsibilities life is a little easier. General tidiness, after yourself and the children is expected in all jobs. An untidy nanny won’t last long in this field of work. Once the mother trusts you, you will find she will go out quite a bit and do her own thing while you run the family.

Average hours of live-in positions are 12 hours per day, from the time the children have to get up for school until after bath-time. As a general rule most jobs are week-days only, some families require help in weekends for which time in lieu would be accrued to be taken later. Most jobs include 2-3 weeks paid holiday per year as well as statutory days. Your tax is paid by the employer so any salary quoted is net of tax. (Yours to keep.)

Advantages of living in
You don’t have to pay rent, phone rental, power, gas, or travel costs. The fridge always has proper food in it, (instead of baked beans and 2 minute noodles). You would be living in a nicer area than you could ever afford to rent in, and probably driving a nice car. Living costs are extremely high in the UK. So if your intent is to save money then this is your best option. It’s amazing how food and bills can mount up, and all of a sudden you have none of your savings left.
Position contract lengths
Most employers are looking for a minimum commitment of 12 months. You will generally be asked to sign a contract. It is in the best interest for the children that a nanny can stay for a reasonable length of time, as they do get very attached.
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