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Au Pair in America Positions
As part of the legal au pair programme there are two types of positions available.
Mothers Help
– this is where one parent is at home some or all of the time. You are there to assist the mother (or father) in everything they do. It may be that the mother has a newborn and needs help getting the older children ready for school, doing the grocery shopping, or transporting the children to after school activities. It may just be she needs a nap sometimes during the early weeks! You will be placed as a Mothers Help through the Au Pair in America standard programme.
– this position would be sole charge and could include children under the age of two years old. You would be responsible for the care and well-being of all the children and for the smooth running of the household while the parents are at work. The parents will be entrusting you with their children so will want someone who is responsible and mature enough to handle this role. Some parents may expect you to help educate the children at home.
You could be placed as a sole charge nanny with any of the three main programmes;
  • Au Pair in America
  • Au Pair Extraordinaire
  • Educare in America*
*As an after school companion – with the Educare in America programme you could be placed as an after school companion caring for school aged children in one family, while studying part-time during the day.

We have positions for all types of experience and qualifications ranging from mainly babysitting experience to a three year degree in Early Childhood Education. Your experience and qualifications will determine the job you are offered and the rate of pay.